Digital Lobbying Team

What is the Digital Lobbying Team?

WEA’s Digital Lobbying Team is educators from across the state sharing our stories with legislators through recorded videos. This gives us the opportunity to record whenever we have a minute and make our voices heard.

Join us in the Digital Lobbying Team! 

  1. Record a short video telling your story about the unmet mental and behavioral health needs of your students.
  2. Go to the App Store on your iPhone or Google Play on an Android and download Impactive. (WEA's code is 459807.)
  3. On the app's home screen, look under "Explore Actions" and select "Digital Lobbying for Mental & Behavioral health".
  4. Tap the black "Start" button.
  5. Use the black "Choose File" button to select your saved video.
  6. Write us a note if you'd like.
  7. Tap the black "Submit" button. You're done!

Dos and Don’ts of Making Selfie Videos (for posting on the website)


  • Wear red
  • Record in a portrait mode (hold your phone vertically, not horizontally
  • Record somewhere with good lighting (that isn't on school grounds)
  • Do film in an area with a neutral or professional looking background
  • Ask a friend to record you or place your camera at full arm's length
  • Introduce yourself using your name, what you teach, and your legislative district
  • Tell a story about students who aren’t getting the help they need right now
  • Explain what it would mean to the student and the classroom for them to get the help they need
  • Mention how/why COVID has exacerbated the issue 
  • Try to keep your story to about 30 seconds and no more than one minute


  • Give the names of any students
  • Mention the name of the school where you teach (as a further effort to protect students’ identities)
  • Complain about co-workers, students, or administrators
  • Use school resources or record the video at school or in your classroom
  • Hold the phone too close to your face