WEA Certification Trainings

    • WEA has a variety of online trainings in May and June to help you navigate your next steps with your certification.  These trainings are free, open only to WEA members and offer free clock hours.  There are a range of offerings for certificated educators to examine the latest certification and renewal requirements in place.  In the Professional Growth Plan (PGP) series, participants learn how to create PGPs for certificate renewal, salary advancement and meeting the STEM certificate renewal requirement.  In the National Board Information Session, participants explore the certification process, Washington incentives and candidate support options. To learn more about courses and to register, go to https://www.washingtonea.org/pd/certification-licensure
      • Teacher Certification 101 (3 hours)
      • Educational Staff Associate (ESA) Certification 101 (3 hours)
      • National Board Information Session (2 hours)
      • Professional Growth Plan 1 ( 3 hours)
      • Professional Growth Plan 2 (2 hours)
      • Professional Growth Plan 3 (2 hours)