May 1, 2017 Council Meeting




May 1, 2017

4:45 PM - 6:30 PM

Sammamish Council Office, Bellevue

I.          Call to Order   4:45 PM                                                                                 

II.        Minutes Approval—moved:   Mike Radow       seconded:  Erica  passed unanimous             

III.       Rod Regan –

             Legislative Update: in special session—no negotiating going on; may cut a deal by the July 1 cutoff or the government will be shut down.  Sen. Budget is horrid, the House budget is good.  Watch for taxation package.  Then it will go to the Supreme Court for review.  Tom Ahern will argue whether it will meet McCleary requirements or not. There could be actions of the Court deems it want. 

            45th LD Opportunities: House is Dem by one seat, Senate is one seat R majority.  Dino Rossi was appointed to Any Hill’s vacated seat.    This seat is up for special election this fall.  WEA is pursuing an Independent Expenditure plan for the 45th.   WEA searched for pro-educated voters that are independent voters.  Then members will talk to these folks 4-6 times during the election cycle.  Paid $25.00/hr.  Folks can work in teams. This program was used in 6 campaigns, and won 5 out of 6.  (See Section V)

IV        Discussion

  • NBI A and NBI 13 approved possible action plans, resources, and Council supports.  The goal is to push the Legislature to fully fund education.
  • Local Association Meetings—to inform all members of the serious consequences of this legislative session
  • Occupy Olympia—concerted effort to keep legislators aware that educators, parents, and community members are watching what is going on.  The timeframe is the first 2 weeks of May.  Seattle is trying to have 50 folks a day.  SUC is paying for subs, up to 10 a day. Other councils are also heading to Olympia. Council will also pay for mileage. 
  • Sign Waving and Banners – available at the SUC office for locals to borrow and use in the local community.
  • Community Meetings—have meetings with PTSA, Foundations, etc. to discuss the funding situation with them.  Have a teacher distribute flyer of impacts that the budgets will have on their local district.
  • Possible distribution of flyers at community market and festivals.
  • WEA Select Insurance—Aetna and UHC met with WEA leadership recently.  Rates should be out the end of this week. Enhancements and 10 choices of plans will be available.  Website will be open June 1.  There will be dedicated customer support service professionals just for WEA members. 
  • Next year’s Council program offerings to continue would include:   certification training, special ed training, To Friend or not to Friend (having to do with social media and other electronic related issues), and Pizza and Politics, Retirement Seminars, Degrees not Debt and Emerging Leaders and support group for teachers of color as a possibility.     SUC will discontinue—WEA Benefits Night—w. Theresa Munch.  Suggested to offer a financial planning seminar to younger members way in advance of actual retirement; talk about education issues and the law; T-PEP training—would be best done in a local as it intertwines with the local contract.  

V      Upcoming Council Events (See Section III)

  • 45th LD Info Dinner – May 9th (Tutta Bella, Crossroads, Bellevue)
  • Pizza and Politics – May 16th
  • 45th LD Info Dinner – May 25th (Tutta Bella, Crossroads, Bellevue)

VI        Reports

  • WEA Board Report (Linda Myrick, Mark Morrow)— prepared for the RA.
  • WEA – Retired  (Neva Luke)—Retirees are active, going to RA, participating in the 45th special program, having good lunches and speakers.  Debby Nissen will be our next SUC Retired Board Member as Neva Luke is termed out. 
  • WEA PAC (Nate Ziemkowski) Endorsement is due for the 48th special elections in mid-May.  WEA-PAC sets aside 20% for local elections like School Board—so locals can endorse candidates for their School Board.  Recruit WEA-PAC members. 
  • Staff (Kathleen/Michael/Cheryl/Charlotte)—since Dec. Kathleen has been doing a lot of bargaining.  Lake WA ESP got a good settlement.  Doing one-on-one conversations in Mercer Island.  Issaquah is bargaining as well.   Michael has no bargains at this time.  He has been doing the programs. 

VII      Action Items

  • Election Nominations Open tonight—email Cheryl Hopkins with any further nominations.
  • President—Michele Miller
  • Vice-President—Tani Lindquist
  • Secretary—Frances
  • Treasurer—Mark Morrow                                                                        


Adjournment:  6:30 PM

Next Presidents’ Meeting:             June 5, 2017 at WEA-Sammamish Council Office

Next Council Meeting:                 June 5, 2017 at WEA-Sammamish Council Office