Council Meeting




March 4, 2019 4:45 PM - 6:15 PM - Sammamish Council Office, Bellevue

I.          Call to Order     4:50 pm  

  • Please note, we may have Candidates for WEA Office stopping by tonight’s meeting
  1. Stephen Miller stopped by

  1. Mark Morrow motioned to adopt the agenda as amended Sally seconded.

II.        November 2018 Minutes Approval David Abby. Michelle Peary with the second               

III.       Discussion Budget Proposal

  1. Michael shared information about what it would cost to add a third level 5. He shared how it would work to increase dues over the next 4 years. Discussion was had by the council.

            Motion from Mark Morrow:  I move that the WEA-Sammamish Board of Directors approve a dues increase of $4.00 per member per month to be gradually implemented between fiscal year 2019-2020 and 2023-2024.  Classified staff dues will be prorated based on the WEA Model.  There will be no increase in dues during fiscal year 2019-2020.  Second: Gary

Passed unanimously

  1. Next steps will be to have a conversation with Manny about the proposal for dues and the hiring process.

Allison motioned to hire a lelve 5 staff member. Nate second. Passed unanimously.  

IV.       Committees

  • Policies
    • Whistle Blower
    • Conflict of Interest
  1. Need council members to be part of the committee. We need this due to our audit. Mark and Nate have agreed to be on the committee. Michelle will email the council members to see if anyone else wants to do it.
  • Equity and Inclusion

i. Due to our grant we need an equity and inclusion committee.

V.         Membership Matters

  • Report

Michael shared that we are focusing on getting the new hires signed up from this year. The goal is to get them signed up before the next school year.  We currently have 4,633 members.

  • New email policy
  1. Local presidents, WEA board members and Council Presidents have new email addresses that need to be used for union business.

Michelle shared about trying to find a new office space. Nothing that has been seen meets our requirements. Allison motioned to approve to stay in our current office for the next 5 years. Mark seconded. The motion passed unanimously.  

VI.       Legislative Update

  • Lobby Day Report

Andy and Catherine had a nice day lobbying. Most were happy to talk with them.

  • Current Bill Highlights
  • Town Hall Meetings

The March 16th 10-11 Maple Valley

12:30-1:30 Issaquah Highlands

2:30-3:30 North Bend Library

The 48th is on March 23rd at Redmond town hall.

VII.      Upcoming Events

  • March 6 and 13 – Behavior Intervention (6 hours total) at IHS
  • March 19 – Professional Growth Plan (repeat) (3 hours) at IHS
  • April 5 and 6 – Retirement Seminars at Sammamish Council (full)
  • April 16 – Mock RA location at Odle MS, Bellevue
  • May 3 and 4 - Retirement Seminars at Sammamish Council
  • May 15 Culturally Responsive Teaching and Classroom Management (3 hours) at IHS
  • May 16 – ESA Certification 101 (3 hours) at IHS

VIII.     Reports

  • Educators of Color (Maya Stevens)
  1. Maya was absent.
  • WEA Board Report (Tani Lindquist/Mark Morrow)
  1. Mark shared you can submit new business items online for RA. There will be a hard stop time on new business items at RA, 8pm on Saturday night. The deadline for submitting NBIs is Thursday night at 10pm.
  2. WEA has scaled back rebates for councils this year but found that they did not lose members for membership loss and gave more money to councils.
  3. There is a GBLTA student conference happening
  4. A pdf of actions that have been taking place on NBI was shared. Mark will send to Charlotte to share with council members.
  • WEA – Retired (Debby Nissen)

Debby was absent.

  • WEA PAC (Catherine Boys)

Catherine shared that WEA PAC is really interested in getting school board members supported of us elected. WEA PAC can endorse candidates.

  • ACT Miguel Kerrigan

Miguel shared about the education for para educators. He shared the new law for para educators.

  • Staff (Michael Ruiz/Kathleen Heiman /Charlotte Cole/Amy Moszeter)

Michael shared that he has been working on bargains. Looking at two reopeners. Kathleen has a couple of bargains and some reopeners. January was spent working in IEA to help with the para pros possible strike.

VIII.     Action Items

  • Budget Proposal
  • Due Proposal
  • Office Lease
  • Officer Nominations Open now and will close at the May council meeting at the beginning.

David nominated Michelle Miller for president

Mark nominated for treasurer.


Adjournment:  6:15 PM

Next Presidents’ Meeting:       April 16, 2019 at WEA-Sammamish Council Office

Next Council Meeting:            May 6, 2019 at WEA-Sammamish Council Office