Council Meeting




October 1, 2018

4:45 PM - 6:30 PM

Sammamish Council Office, Bellevue

I.          Call to Order: 4:48pm                                                                                               

II.        June 2016 Minutes Approval- Motion: David Abbey   Second: Debby N

5 abstentions                                       

III.       Introductions & Celebrations                                                                                                 

  • Council Board Members

i)Introduced each local and their members.

  • Staff    

i)Staff members introduced


IV.       Discussion:  The year ahead…

  • Council Mission and Goals

i)Discussed what is the mission and goals of the council.

ii) Brainstormed -training, political action, member engagement, solidarity supporting with others, representation support, bargaining support, nuts and bolts, empowering members, information support, leader support, systems, liaison                                                                                   

  • Membership update

i)Michael shared current numbers of members.                                

  • Budget                                                                                                
    • Closing out of 2017-18

i)Mark shared what we budgeted for 2017-2018 and what our actual expenses were for the year.

Motion was made by Allison seconded by Gary to form a sub committee to look at the budget for 2018-2019  3 abstentions. Passed.

  • Draft Budget 2018-19
  • Community Outreach Budget Draft                                                                                                                                       
    • Membership Engagement and Education Grants
    • i)Continuing the grant for each local.

i)Michelle shared the draft of the outreach budget and the changes for this year.

  • Red for Ed:  Building Educator Activism

i)No longer pizza and politics. Looking to expand out to more members

  • Politics                                                                                                  
    • Doorbelling: 
    • 5th LD Bill Ramos and Lisa Callan on October 6 and 27

10am-2pm doorbelling for Bill Ramos and Lisa Callan

  • 48th LD Patty Kuderer on October 20
  • 10am-2pm
  • Local Goals

  • Meeting Calendar

Shared meeting dates

  • Contact Info

Check form to see if correct

V.        Reports

  • WEA Board Report

Mark and Tani shared:

  • SEB passed for school employees will be on a state healthcare plan. Has to be funded by the legislative.
  • Discussion about rules about WEA officers and executive office
  • Looked at cutting WEA budget
  • Received a grant to form a member of color team at the council level to support members of color. Meeting the 15th or 22nd

2018 NBIs discussed                                                                          

  • WEA – Retired
  • i)Debby Would like to come out to locals to share what they do                   

i)focusing on the different races especially in the 5th                         

  • Staff    



VI.       Action Items

  • None                                                                                      


Adjournment:  6:30 PM

Next Presidents’ Meeting:             November 5, 2018 at WEA-Sammamish Council Office

Next Council Meeting:                   November 5, 2018 at WEA-Sammamish Council Office